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Privacy Policy

Why do we need your details, and what will we do with them?

OK, here's the deal:

We are not a commercial operation and we are not interested in selling, data-mining, fracking, whatever, with your personal details.

We are a hobbyist a capella group, so when it comes to your details, all we care about are:

  1. You exist, and you enjoy listening to our music (most important).
  2. We can tell you about our next gig or recording. We have an email list for that, and a Facebook page.
  3. If you make a physical purchase on the Boutique, we need your contact details for shipping purposes.
  4. If there is any issue with getting your purchased merchandise to you, we will use your supplied details to contact you.

These are the only purposes for which we will use your details.

We use Open Cart for our Boutique. It is a best-of-breed software package for online retailing. It does not store any credit card details, and it stores your password in an encrypted form.

Yours in a capella,

The Ice Haloes

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