Here are some recent examples of The Ice Haloes in action. Enjoy!
This Will Be Our Year
The Zombies
God Give Me Strength
Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach
Our YouTube channel also contains lots more live videos filmed over the years.

singingMust see. Must book. What a talent. Fantastic people to work with. “With A Little Help From My Friends” sealed the evening. Hope the chance arises to work together again. Thank you all. — Maria McCarthy, private function

With The Ice Haloes performing at our company’s 25 year anniversary they have provided SMS Management & Technology with excellent entertainment that managed to keep in with our light-hearted theme. Their professionalism was outstanding and I highly recommend you indulge your ears with their smooth sound! — Dianne Mariuz, SMS Management & Technology

I can’t speak highly enough of this foursome — Artshub review

Novel arrangements of the music bring interest and a wonderful sense of fun, for a great night out — Groggy Squirrel review

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The Ice Haloes


Recently celebrating ten years of togetherness, The Ice Haloes are not your average a capella group. More a band without instruments, their act is a combination of stunning voices and unconventional arrangements.

The Ice Haloes formed in 2007 when Adam Fleet (Tenor) and Maurice Bursztynski (Bass) lit upon the idea of forming an a capella quartet that made cool pop/rock tunes their own. The search for like-minded souls ensued, and upon finding Peggy Hooper (original Soprano) and Jane Kelson (original Alto), it was time for business.

Ice Halo highlights have since been many:

The Ice Haloes released their debut E.P. Cover Stories in 2015, produced by Kavisha Mazella. It shows their sense of fun and musicianship, and can be purchased from their website. In the words of the Arts Hub reviewer for Zombie Songs: “Novel arrangements of the music bring interest and a wonderful sense of fun, for a great night out”.

The Ice Haloes send their love and thanks to previous Haloes, Maurice, Alex, Peggy, Kat & Jane.

Victoria Halo – Soprano

Vic Halo
The newest member of the Ice Haloes, Victoria has been singing all her life, though no one in her family could guess from whence the passion came. Having traveled the world as a child, she has sung in ten choirs and vocal groups throughout the UK, Prague and Australia, and in her last year of school was captain of both the school choir and senior madrigal group. Most recently she became a full member of the highly-acclaimed Melbourne Chamber Choir Ensemble Gombert, with whom she toured Europe in 2015 and performs regularly in concerts throughout the year.

Though she has had mostly classical voice training, she is a lover of the Musical Theatre genre and will sing pretty much anything so long as it’s in range! She is currently trying her hand at writing some arrangements for the group.

Victoria joined the Ice Haloes in 2017 and was given the challenge of learning 20 songs from our considerable repertoire in time for the group’s 10th Anniversary show.

When she isn’t singing, she is a full-time graphic designer and has a basketful of creative outlets; from writing, painting, drawing, embroidery, filmmaking, and fostering retired greyhounds.

Belinda Halo – Alto


Belinda Glass’s love affair with music began at birth – with an opera singer as a great-great aunt, and a grandmother who was a pianist and flautist, it’s no surprise she found herself drawn to music at an early age. Regular performances and recitals were held in her parents’ lounge room, kitchen, or wherever else she could find an audience!

Her school years saw her performing key roles with the Whitehorse Musical Theatre Company in productions such as the Sound of Music, as well as at numerous Eisteddfods and composition recitals as both a singer and pianist. Her thirst for musical opportunities continued through high school and university, seeing her singing, leading and performing in numerous choirs, madrigal groups, a capella ensembles, and stage productions.

Belinda was a founding member of the Yarra Valley-based women’s vocal group Gaia Gita and also directed Musique Unique (choir of Diamond Valley Learning Centre) for 4 years until 2012.

When she’s not singing with the Haloes, Belinda can be found leading and singing with one of her two vibrant community choirs (Phoenix Park Singers and Box Hill Community Arts Centre choir), or teaching piano/keyboard to anyone who is willing to learn! In her spare time (!) she occasionally gets caught up in the delicate task of raising her two active young boys!

Belinda has been with The Ice Haloes since late 2012.

Adam Halo – Tenor


Singer/songwriter Adam Fleet has played in musical outfits for almost thirty years. Ever partial to turning up his guitar really loud, he sweated it out in inner city pubs in fondly remembered independent and original power-pop bands such as Bodie and The Shambles, who both graced the stage at The Esplanade Hotel.

Over the years, he has also been able to express his (ahem) sensitive side as a violinist in the Maroondah Symphony Orchestra.

Thanks to his appetite for new and interesting sounds, Adam has always been drawn to idiosyncratic melodies, chords and rhythms, which he now gives full rein in his arrangements for the Ice Haloes.

Adam is a founding member of The Ice Haloes.

Warwick Halo – Bass

Warwick HaloWarwick is an attention junkie. He loves a stage and an audience only makes it better.

He has a checkered history on stage covering a variety of entertainment formats that include:
• Musical theatre,
• Amateur radio,
• Community theatre
• Melbourne Singers of Gospel
• Primo Sante Performers
• Slice of Heaven Singers
• A sell out one-man show “Gough” at 2014 Melbourne Fringe
• Mood Swing Choir

While he has no formal musical training (unless you count three years of keyboard lessons in primary school) Warwick has always had an ear for music. For the last 15 years, he has sung in at least one musical group or another. Ranging from the 100+ of Melbourne Singers of Gospel to the 20 person Mood Swing.

Warwick is a “dabbler” when it comes to musical instruments. He has dabbled on drums, keyboard, guitar and bass guitar. While he hasn’t mastered any of these instruments, he has had a lot of fun dabbling!

When he isn’t singing, he still finds time to be on stage as a Corporate Master of Ceremonies. When he is not on stage he is spending time with his gorgeous wife and incredibly fluffy toy poodle called Winston.

Warwick joined The Ice Haloes in February 2018

Photo Credits: @c.mccubbin_photography
Videos from the CD Launch Preview show

Hey – if you missed the preview show, or just want to live it all over again, Maurice Halo has uploaded some videos to our YouTube Channel All Things Icy and Haloey.


The Ice Haloes in full flight

The Ice Haloes in full flight

The videos include our new numbers:

  • Steve Martin’s Atheists Don’t Have No Songs
  • Motorhead’s Ace of Spades
  • Pomplamoose’s Bust Your Kneecaps

Plus a splendid rendition of Try a Little Tenderness with Maurice killing it out front, and with help from The Platinum Quartet.